Prof. Anthony J. Leggett “Physics Nobel Prize 2003” Urbana University USA – Plenary Lecture: Does the everyday world obey quantum mechanics?


9th February, 2019
Auditorium of the Air Force Specialist School
Viale Giulio Douhet 2, Caserta.

Prof. Anthony J. Leggett
Physics Nobel Prize 2003
Department of Physics, Urbana University IL, USA


Plenary Lecture

Quantum mechanics has been enormously successful in describing nature at the atomic level, and most physicists believe that it is in principle the “whole truth” about the world even at the everydaylevel. However, such a view leads prima facie to a severe problem: in certain circumstances, themost natural interpretation of the theory implies that no definite outcome of an experiment occurs until the act of “observation”. For many decades this problem was regarded as “merely philosophical”, in the sense that it was thought that it had no consequences which could be tested in experiment. However, in the last dozen or so years the situation has changed very dramatically in
this respect. I will discuss the problem, some popular “resolutions” of it, the current experimental situation and prospects for the future.

Steering Committee:
Prof. Antonio D’Onofrio University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
Dott. Carmine Granata Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems-CNR
Dott. Berardo Ruggiero Institute of Applied Science and Intelligent Systems -CNR
Prof. Paolo Silvestrini University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”