Who We Are

The Institute of Applied Sciences & Intelligent Systems (ScienceApp) is one among the 106 insitutes of Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Former name of ScienceApp was institute of Cybernetics, that was started by the physicist Eduardo Renato Caianiello in 1968.

The mission and the name of Institute of Cybernetics was changed recently according to the new strategic lines drawn by the new director Pietro Ferraro that on 1st of Nov 2014 was appointed as 6th director in the history of Insitute of Cybernetics.

The National Research Council (CNR) of Italy is a public organization; its duty is to carry out, promote, spread, transfer and improve research activities in the main sectors of knowledge growth and of its applications for the scientific, technological, economic and social development of the Country.

ScienceApp belongs is one of 12 institute of the Department of Physics Sciences and Technology of the Matter.

ScienceApp’s headquarter is located in Pozzuoli (Napoli) c/o Comprensorio Olivetti and a secondary Lab is located in Lecce.

Presently the research efforts of ScienceApp is on 7 research lines coordinated by the following Team Leadears:

Carmine Granata, Cosimo Distante, Simonetta Grilli, Francesco Mele, Melania Paturzo, Lucia Petti, Claudia Tortiglione.

ScienceApp is focused on interdisciplinary research and the cultural backgrounds of research staff and fellows is a real mix of different expertise and disciplines.


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ScienceApp is equipped with relevant technological Facilities and Labs 

Currently ScienceApp staff has a total of 46 Researchers, 31 among PostDoc Research Fellows, PhD students and collaborators. Moreover contribute to research activities of ScienApp about 23 Associate Researchers from various univerisities and research centers.