The Institute of Applied Sciences & Intelligent Systems (ScienceApp) with his research staff, fellows and partners is devoted to accomplish innovative research in different fields from basic to applied research with a strong interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character, according to the strategic plans of National Research Council (link http://www.cnr.it/documenti/Istituzionali/Programmatici/Pianotriennale/PTA_2014_2016.pdf ) and within the new paradigm of Convergence of Sciences 

The institute has the ambition to develop and put in practice a strong cooperative environment able to sustain the excellence through cross fertilization among different disciplines such as physical sciences, life sciences, engineering and artificial intelligence.


The attitude of researchers at “ScienceApp” is to focus their research activity by having in mind since the beginning  the translational aim toward high-tech applications in various fields such as aerospace, cultural heritages, health, new materials, intelligent fabrication processes, artificial intelligence, functionalized systems and bioinspired research.

ScienceApp has solid links with major universities and research centers on local basis but also fruitful cooperations with international institutions.

Our strength is based on robust roots in the scientific tradition of the past with more then 50 years of history of Institute of Cybernetics but we are pursuing with our renovated mission at the aim to contribute in the progress of sciences day by day with small but continuous steps forward, living a mark in the high-competitive international scientific community and real world technologies of the future.

Main thematic research areas:

 1) Mapping the matter & physical space

2) At boundary of the matter: Solid-Liquid Interface

3) Nano-Tooling: Manipulating and shaping the matter

4) Inspired by nature: mimicking mother nature phenomena

5) Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience