In the 1968, starting from an innovative idea, Eduardo Renato Caianiello (Naples, 1921-1993) establishes the laboratory of cybernetics with the goal of gather the different skills of the physics, biology, mathematics and informatics to study the neuroanatomy of the brain and to develop the functional mathematical models.
About ten years later, the laboratory becomes Institute of cybernetics and, following a global trend, the single activities have been oriented to specific subject areas that during the years have been well- established.
Nevertheless, the multidisciplinary nature has been preserved giving rise to many collaborations with scientific subject on several trans-disciplinary projects even within the institute itself. In the 2002 the institute was named after the founder “E. Caianiello”. In the 2015, the trans-disciplinary nature of the institute is further enhanced by joining new expertises. As a consequence, the institute takes a new denomination becoming “Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent systems” to represent in a more general way the research activities although the basic elements of cybernetics are still addressed. The institute keeps the name of Eduardo Cainaniello as a tribute to its founder.