Advanced Materials and Devices for Nanomedicine (AMA4MED)

Advanced Materials and Devices for Nanomedicine (AMA4MED)

The conference on Advanced materials and devices for nanomedicine (AMA4MED) will be held online from the 3rd to the 4th of May 2022.

The use of nanotechnology in nanomedicine has been widely recognized as an innovative solution to address unmet medical needs, i.e . pharmaceutical agent’s efficacy and selectivity, decrease of their toxicity and off-target effects, rapid diagnostics, diseases monitoring and management, and personalized health care. These requirements have led to the development of advanced nanoscale systems for drug release, hyperthermia, catalysis, and biosensing among others. The ultimately goal of this conference is to gather experts working across diverse disciplines, to present recent advances and breakthroughs of this relevant field, employing Nanotechnology and Bioengineering in medical diagnosis and therapy and discuss ongoing challenges, opportunities and novel ideas. 

Below is the link with the details and deadlines for oral and poster contributions:

Conference organizers

Claudia Tortiglione (ISASI) and MarĂ­a Moros (INMA)