Campania imaging Infrastructure for Research in Oncology – CIRO

Campania imaging Infrastructure for Research in Oncology – CIRO

IR CIRO aims to create a research infrastructure in the field of production and analysis of biological and medical images, now decisive for the success of top oncological research and for the growth of the social and economic system to it connected.

The infrastructure was carried out through the implementation of procedures for accessing instruments and skills suitably enhanced and made available to the project as well as through measures to accompany the use of the material and immaterial heritage of the project and the best use of the results deriving from its use.

The activities develop two lines of action below summarily outlined.

  • Enhancement and integration of structures and skills in terms of cellular and molecular imaging. The activity has as its reference physical node for users and coordination of services the research area of the National Research Council of via Pietro Castellino in Naples (which hosts IEOS, ISASI, IAC, ICAR of the CNR institutes) with further Nodes located in the CNR research area of Pozzuoli (ISASI, ICB and IPCB), at the Institute of Tumors of Naples – Pascale Foundation, IRCCS Public subjected to the regional control and supervision of the Ministry of Health – and at the Department of Structures for engineering and architecture of the University of Naples Federico II.
  • Enhancement of instruments and skills concerning clinical imaging in mouse models of diseases. This line of activity, which covers advanced diagnostic technologies applied to humans in coordinated way is developed in the preclinical field, has as its reference node the structures of the IIT, CNR-IREA and CNR-IBB workshops operating in collaboration with the structures of the CEINGE and the Biocheckup company.

The Infrastructure CIRO therefore puts the best excellence existing in Campania in the field of bioimaging in a very significant way. Centered on two reference nodes and on a strong interaction between all the participants, the infrastructure is available to the academic, health and industrial community of reference, primarily to the initiatives and projects that will be activated in the framework of the program of the Campania Region of struggle to the tumor disease that will be able to join the Stakeholders Board, committee representing the voice of the bearers of interest within the Management of the infrastructure.

By virtue of the remarkable international experience of proponents, specifically developed in the European field in the field of pan-European research infrastructures and the largest supranational research and innovation projects, as well as by virtue of the perfect alignment with the National Research Plan (PNR) and research infrastructures (PNIR) and with the preliminary strategic documents to the use of the SIE funds of the 2013-2020 cycle (Regional Ris3 and National Ris3), the CIRO infrastructure is able to interact positively with similar projects that are now being underway today or in setting up nationally and internationally, also in order to arouse attention to the activities of the Campania program of fighting tumors outside Campania of our territory and attracting interest to operate and invest in our territory.



  • Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
  • UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (DIST, DMMBM)
  • Ceinge – Biotecnologie Avanzate Scarl
  • IRCCS – Istituto Tumori di Napoli – Fondazione Pascale
  • Bio Check Up S.r.l.
  • DompĂ© farmaceutici S.p.A.