Vito Di Maio invitato come Guest Associated Editor per un Research Topic multipiattaforma

Vito Di Maio invitato come Guest Associated Editor per un  Research Topic multipiattaforma per tre riviste della Serie Frontiers in Neurosciences. Il titolo del Research Topic è:

Influence of Inter- and Intra-Synaptic Factors on Information Processing in the Brain ed ha come co-editor il Prof Jean-Marie C. Bouteiller, assistant Professor alla Southern Californian  University, Los Angeles, USA.

Le tre riviste coinvolte sono :

Frontiers in Computational Neurosciences (impact factor 1.821)

Frontiers in Neural Circuits (Impact factor Impact factor 3.005)

Frontiers in Synaptic Neurosciences (Impact factor ancora indeterminato)

Le tematiche trattate sono indicate nel seguente short abstract. Mentre La pagina del Research Topic per eventuali submission è :–and-intra-synaptic-factors-on-information-processing-in-the-brain

This Research Topic is intended to bring together foundational work aimed at shedding much-needed light on synaptic mechanisms and resulting functions through experimental and computational approaches. It aims to showcase recent developments and ideas on  synaptic dynamics, and the interplay between structure and the dynamical processes occurring in both healthy and pathological brains. It includes, but is not limited to, studies of presynaptic mechanisms , neuron-glia interactions, receptors and channels characterization, metabotropic receptor activation, intracellular molecular pathways, plasticity-related changes and energy-dependent processes. The research presented may range from the molecular level (e.g. work on a specific receptor type), up to single neuron/cell integration in the spatial scale, while dynamics studied may span from microseconds (diffusion)  to minutes in the temporal scale. Experimental,  theoretical and/or computational modeling approaches are all welcome.