ERN 2020

ERN 2020

The 2020 edition of the European Researchers’ Night took place entirely online. ISASI, as well as the CREO network, participated in the project Meet Me Tonight – Face to face with the research, coordinated by the Federico II University, and presented 4 different activities:

1. M’Illumino di Immenso: a laboratory ideated and presented by Antigone Marino, which illustrates the most well-known phenomena related to light, putting on small physics experiments with objects commonly found in our homes.

2. The Nanobiomolecular Group of Angela Tino and Claudia Tortiglione presented, together with young researchers in training, an interactive laboratory using models of invertebrate animals (Cnidaria) to study how newly synthesized materials (including quantum dots, gold, silicon) interact with living organisms.

3. “Light: a thousand worlds of challenges” Pia Dardano and the researchers of ISASI Napoli guided remote visits to their laboratories, even inside the cleanroom (not open to the public), presenting and commenting on activities and experiments based on light and photons.

4. “SensApp – research of excellence with direct impact on society” Simonetta Grilli presented a very innovative project to show a face perhaps less playful but very impactful in making people understand the possible implications of research on society. SensApp is an applied research project aimed at the development of a super-sensor for an early non-invasive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, through a simple blood test.

All activities were moderated by Simona De Luca.