Headquarter of Pozzuoli

ISASI headquarters are located in the Olivetti Complex in Pozzuoli (NA).

ISASI owes its origins to the Institute of Cybernetics born in 1968 thanks to Eduardo Renato Caianiello. The Institute was initially hosted by the Physics Department of the University of Naples Federico II, and then moved to the historic headquarters of Arcofelice.

In 2001 the Institute moved to its current location in the Olivetti District of Pozzuoli, built in the 1950s, based on a project by the well-known architect Luigi Cosenza, “in respect of the beauty of the places … so that beauty was a comfort in the work of every day ”, as Adriano Olivetti recalls in the speech he gave on 23 April 1955 when he inaugurated the complex. The site immediately hosted important industrial research activities. This legacy was collected by the CNR now present on the site with the CNR Naples 3 Research Area, which hosts 4 Institutes in addition to ISASI.

Among the facilities of ISASI, in addition to the interferometric, holographic and photorefractive lithography laboratories, there are a clean room for nanolithography and advanced molecular biology laboratories with equipment for DNA and RNA analysis; ultracentrifuges and real-time cell imaging facilities.




c/o Comprensorio Olivetti
Via Campi Flegrei, 34 – 80078 Pozzuoli (NA)
Telefono: 081 8675099-5325
Fax: 081 8675251-5326