Optofluidics Tunable liquid microlenses

Optofluidics Tunable liquid microlenses

Description of the activity

The research activity is based on the possibility of obtaining tunable liquid microlens arrays by an electrowetting effect (EW) obtained under an electrode-less configuration. The liquid microlenses are fabricated by manipulating the surface tension of appropriate oil films through the surface charges generated by the pyroelectric effect in periodically poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) substrates. Accurate interferometric characterization is provided and an accurate optical investigation of the microlenses is performed by a DH based technique, in order to characterize the properties of the liquid microlenses in terms of both focal length tunability and optical aberrations. The application of a pyro-electrohydrodynamic (Pyro-EHD)-dispenser could overcome the viscosity limit of the conventional ink-jet printing systems, working in a nozzle-less modality in the fabrication of polymeric lens. This method represents a simple alternative to the conventional soft lithography techniques and could be used for the functionalization of commercial device.

Involved personnel

S. Coppola | L. Miccio | S. Grilli | V. Vespini | P. Ferraro


Facilities: LAB. Interferometric lithography / Holographic and photorefractive lithography / LAB. Micro-printing and nanoliquid / Lab. characterization of samples
Spin coater Laurell WS-650Sz, Hot plate, Analytical and Precision Balances, Digital holography microscope set-up