Pint of Science 2022: Common Goods between Environment and Society

Pint of Science 2022: Common Goods between Environment and Society

ISASI will take part in the 2022 edition of Pint of Science with a series of meetings to be held in Naples at the Vineria Vineapolis (Viale Campi Flegrei 22A), organized in collaboration with the Lido Pola community. The initiative is part of the promotion of the Coastal Innovation Hub for the Marine Environment and Social Resilience (PoLARS), a project proposal that sees the collaboration between numerous institutes of the CNR, the Interuniversity Consortium for the Sciences of the Sea ( ConISMa), the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), the Municipality of Naples, the IDIS foundation – CittĂ  della Scienza, the Quadrifoglio SocietĂ  Cooperativa Sociale, the Caracol Association and the Jolie Rouge APS Association aimed at the recovery of the Lido Pola for the construction of an innovative center for marine and terrestrial environmental sciences, for the experimentation of innovative technologies in the energy sector and new models of knowledge sharing and social inclusion in synergy with local communities that have been committed to safeguarding for years of the territory of Bagnoli and the area of ​​the former Italsider

Monday 9 May 2022, 18:30.

Giornata dell’Ambiente Marino. Le diatomee: diversitĂ  e successo evolutivo di un organismo unicellulare.

Talk by Alessandra Rogato (CNR-IBBR) ed Edoardo De Tommasi (CNR-ISASI)

Beni Comuni tra Ambiente e SocietĂ : Giornata dell’Ambiente Marino

Tuesday 10 May 2022, 18:30.

Giornata dell’Energia Il Sole: “bene comune” dell’UmanitĂ .

Talk by Ivo Rendina (CNR-ISASI) e Mario Buono (Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Dipartimento di Ingegneria).

Beni Comuni tra Ambiente e SocietĂ : Giornata dell’Energia

Wednesday 11 May 2022, 18:30.

Giornata della Partecipazione Beni comuni e standard immateriali: quale modello di governance per garantire inclusione e redditivitĂ  sociale nel lungo periodo?

Talk by Gabriella Esposito De Vita (CNR-IRISS) e Antonio Pone (Jolie Rouge APS).

Beni Comuni tra Ambiente e SocietĂ : Giornata della Partecipazione

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Vineria Vineapolis, Viale Campi Flegrei 22A, Naples