Special Issue: “Recent Advances and Future Trends in Nanophotonics Ⅱ”

Special Issue: “Recent Advances and Future Trends in Nanophotonics Ⅱ”

Dr. Maria Antonietta Ferrara and Dr. Principia Dardano

Guest Editors

Nanophotonics has emerged as a multidisciplinary frontier of science and engineering. Due to its great potential to contribute to breakthroughs in many areas of technology, nanophotonics is capturing the interest of many researchers from different fields.

This Special Issue of Applied Sciences on “Recent Advances and Future Trends in Nanophotonics” aims to provide an overview of the latest developments in nanophotonics and its roles in different application domains. Topics of discussion include but are not limited to the exploration of new directions of nanophotonic science and technology that enable technological breakthroughs in high-impact areas such as information processing, communications, biomedical and life sciences, military, transport, energy harvesting and storage, and the environment and conservation.


  • materials for photonics and plasmonics
  • photonic crystals, metamaterials, and metasurfaces
  • nanofabrication and nanocharacterization
  • nanobiophotonics: sensing, nanomedicine
  • nano-optoelectronics
  • green nanophotonics, e.g., photovoltaics
  • nonlinear optics at nanoscale
  • quantum optics and computing at the nanoscale
  • modeling and simulation at the nanoscale