L’Uomo nell’età della tecnica

L’Uomo nell’età della tecnica

On December 17, 2019 Umberto Galimberti at Città della Scienza speaks to many students, teachers, experts, philosophers, thinkers, humanists and fans of the writer who followed the entire conference in a careful and passionate way, asking questions and making the debate alive and participated. The meeting is part of the cycle of conferences “Towards the Millennium Community” organized by Città della Scienza and the Eudora Association to encourage reflection on our way of life, on the relationships between us and others, between us and nature, between us and the things of the world and on the values ​​on which to base our life and living in community. The contact person for the event is Berardo Ruggiero (), researcher at ISASI Pozzuoli (Naples).

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