Exhibition in memory of E. R. Caianiello thirty years after his death

25 OCTOBER 2023 – 31 DECEMBER 2023
Physics Museum, Via Mezzocannone 8 Naples
University of Naples Federico II

Exhibition curator: Rosanna Del Monte – Technical Director of the Physics Museum
Scientific committee: Eva Caianiello, Silvia Caianiello, Antigone Marino, Arturo Tagliacozzo, Guglielmo Tamburrini, Settimo Termini.

On 25 October, an exhibition curated by Rosanna Del Monte, Technical Director of the museum, dedicated to the work of Professor Eduardo R. Caianiello (1021-1993) was inaugurated at the Physics Museum of the ‘Federico II’ University of Naples.

The exhibition has an educational nature and is aimed above all at the younger generations with the hope that – by becoming enthusiastic about the creative paths he followed – they, in turn, can play an equally innovative role in changed times and conditions.

After the Majorana meteor, the Neapolitan area became with Caianiello a place of international reference for the study of the most advanced physics in the post-war revival phase. His was the ability to interpret emerging frontier scientific themes and transform them into study communities, laboratories, schools and institutes in the area.

His research in elementary particle physics and quantum field theory, which began at MIT in Boston in 1948, evolved towards system physics, to the point of conceiving “neuron equations” and “mnemonic equations” that simulate the learning of neural networks, equations that are still used today in other contexts. Research that has become an integral part of Artificial Intelligence studies.

Creator of many scientific institutions, including the CNR Institute of Cybernetics, which later became the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems, CNR-ISASI.


  • Corriere del Mezzogiorno 21th October 2023
  • Il Mattino 21th October 2023


  • Prisma Number 56 | October 2023

Thanks to the courtesy of Prisma magazine, it is possible to download the article referring to the exhibition from here.

Inauguration PICTURES 25 October 2023

Inauguration program October 25th at 10.30am

The exhibition will be open to visitors from 25 OCTOBER 2023 – 31 DECEMBER 2023
Physics Museum, Via Mezzocannone 8 Naples
University of Naples Federico II

Visiting hours: Monday 9am – 1.30pm, 2.15pm – 4.30pm; Tuesday 9am–1.30pm; Wednesday 9am–1.30pm; Thursday 9am–1.30pm, 2.15pm–4.30pm; Friday 9am–1.30pm; closed Saturday and Sunday

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