Special Issue on Nanomaterials

Special Issue on Nanomaterials

Carmine Granata and Antonio Vettoliere are guest editors of a special issue of Nanomaterials regarding “Advanced Magnetic Sensing and Its Nanoscale Applications”.

Magnetic sensing at the nanoscale level is a promising and interesting research topic of nanoscience. Many sophisticated research experiments and applications rely on the measurement of extremely weak magnetic fields. Indeed, magnetic imaging is a powerful tool for probing biological, chemical, and physical systems. The study of small spin cluster, such as magnetic molecules and nanoparticles, single electrons, and cold atom clouds, is one of the most stimulating challenges of applied and basic research of the coming years. The purpose of this Special Issue is to provide an updated overview on the development of advanced magnetic sensors and their nanoscale applications.

In this Special Issue, original research articles and reviews are welcome. Research areas may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Magnetic nanoparticle characterization;
  • Giant magnetoresistance (GMR) sensors;
  • Optical pumped magnetometers;
  • Micro and nano SQUIDs;
  • Magnetic sensing with a nitrogen vacancy in diamond;
  • Nanomagnetism;
  • Spintronics;
  • Nondestructive evaluation (NDE);
  • Susceptometry;
  • High spatial resolution magnetic microscopy;
  • Magnetic relaxation immunoassay;
  • Magneto-elastic sensors and applications.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 October 2022