Development of photodetectors and electrodes for health/green applications

Development of photodetectors and electrodes for health/green applications

Description of the activity

Graphene/Silicon Schottky photodetectors (PDs) have been successfully investigated for detecting telecom wavelengths (1550nm), however the possibility to employ them at longer wavelengths has received far less attention. In particular, the wavelength of 2 μm is very interesting for a variety of reasons, including the detection of gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).
In the context of the PON project OT4CLIMA the research activity concerns development of graphene/silicon (Si) photodetectors operating at 2 μm. These devices are carefully characterized using electric measurements over the temperature range from 280−315 K. Both electrical parameters of the junction and defect density of the interface are evaluated. Electro-optical characterization shows that the detection of 2 μm radiation is also possible with Si-based PDs taking advantage of graphene and new advanced structures are still under investigation.
In the context of the PON project BEST4U, the research activity is focused on improving the performance of heterojunction bifacial solar cell produced by 3SUN factory controlled by Enel Green Power. More in detail the research activity aims: 1) to investigate the possibility of replacing the expensive ITO transparent conductive oxide (TCO) with an emerging material like graphene characterized also by higher transparency, 2) to develop thin metal film to be used instead of silkscreen silver paste, commonly employed for solar cell contacts that is still responsible for about 6

Involved personnel

M. Casalino | M. Iodice | R. Russo | M.A. Gioffrè | T. Crisci | G. Coppola

National and International Collaborations

CNR – National Counsil of Researches (several other institutes),
University of Calabria, University of Basilicata, University of Trento, University of Perugia, University of Padova, University of Catania, University of Palermo, University Milano-Bicocca, University of Torino,
Tecnological District of Sicilia on Micro e Nano Sistems S.c.a.r.l (DTS),
ASI, Survey Lab, CIRA, CO.RI.S.TA, Createc S.C.A.R.L., Geocart S.p.A., Digimat S.r.l., Openet Technologies S.p.a., INNOVA, SINTESI SRL, CEDAT Europa SRL, Publisys SPA, STAM SRL, GTER SRL, e-GEOS SPA, SIIT S.c.p.a, , Applied Materials Italia s.r.l., Italtel S.p.A.


Clean-room: Photolitography, thermal evaporation, thermal oxidation, wet etching, Reactive Ion Etching (RIE), Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD).
Electrical characterization: two and four points measurements;
Optical characterization: NIR tunable laser (1520-1620nm), 2micron laser, chopper, lock-in measurements, transimpedance amplifier, oscilloscope, microscope, optical modulator Bias-T, micro- nano-positioner, photodetectors.

Active projects and contracts

– Development of innovative Earth Observation technologies for the study of Climate Change and its Impacts on the Environment and Territory, OT4CLIMA, PON “R&I” 2014-2020 – MIUR Call, 2018-2021, Decree n. 2261/2018,, ISASI-NA Responsible: Maurizio Casalino.

– Technology for high efficiency Bifacial Solar Cells with 4 terminals for “utility scales”, BEST4U, PON R&I 2014-2020, MIUR Call, 2020-2022, Decree n. 991/2019,, ISASI-NA Responsible: Maurizio Casalino.