Energy harvesting device based on ferroelectric

Energy harvesting device based on ferroelectric

Description of the activity

The research activity is based on the recovery of energy through innovative microfluidic systems and the consequent reuse in an intelligent way, allowing the generation of energy from alternative sources (Energy Harvesting). The pyro-EHD platform consists of an integrated microfluidic system designed and engineered to convert thermal energy recovery, conversion into electrical energy and associated liquid handling for cooling systems. The use of a pyro-electric material replaces the use of commercial electrodes, representing an integrated solution for the recovery of dissipated heat and the consequent generation of electrical charges. The research objective presents a high level of innovation inherent both in the conception and engineering of the ferroelectric platform, and in the intelligent use proposed by the management of waste thermal energy for the movement of fluids.

Involved personnel

S. Coppola | V. Vespini | P. Ferraro | S. Grilli

National and International Collaborations

University of Naples Federico II, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”


Facilities: LAB. Supporto alla litografia interferometrica /Lab. Caratterizzazione Campioni/ Lab. Chimici
Spin coater Laurell WS-650Sz, Sonicator, Hot plate stirrers Arex, Analytical and Precision Balances