Italian Quantum Weeks 2022

Italian Quantum Weeks 2022

On the occasion of the first “World Quantum Day” (April 14, 2022), we present the “Italian Quantum Weeks”: a national dissemination initiative that involves researchers, technicians, communicators, and teachers belonging to more than 40 research organizations, Universities, scientific societies, all engaged in quantum mechanics and the dissemination of its knowledge. Events for schools and the general public were held in 17 Italian cities under the umbrella of the Italian Quantum Weeks.

Among these, of course, the city of Naples with her remarkable scientific tradition in superconductivity and quantum optics due to the University of Naples Federico II, and the synergy created between the academic world and CNR through its Institutes SPIN, INO and ISASI, which today open to the city to narrate the wonders of the quantum world to the public, not just a specialist.

From the 1st to 8 April, the Physics Museum of the Federico II (UniNA) Museum Pole (via Mezzocannone 8) hosted: “Saying the unspeakable – quantum overlapping.”, an exhibition dedicated to one of the most intriguing aspects of QM: the principle of overlap. The exhibition was set up with the main contribution of the University of Naples Federico II, CNR-SPIN, CNR-INO, and CNR-ISASI, in collaboration with “Le Nuvole” and the PONYS association.

The Neapolitan program ended on 8 April at the UniNA Physics Museum with an open meeting with young Neapolitan researchers to discuss “Quantum technologies in the shadow of Vesuvius.”.

Contacts at ISASI: Antigone Marino and Simona de Luca