PRE3 (PRE-CUBE). PREdiction, PREvention, PREdisposition

PRE3 (PRE-CUBE). PREdiction, PREvention, PREdisposition

Description of the activity

The main research activity conducted within the project is devoted to the study, the experimentation, and validation at an industrial level of new methods and tools based on innovative ICT technologies of pattern recognition and machine learning for the prediction and prevention of clinical pathologies.
The main purpose of the research activity is the design of a decision support system enabling risk profiles identification of neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases and the preparation of structured therapeutic pathways, also paying attention to economic and financial aspects. The main scenarios on which the new methods have been developed and validated are those of Obesity and Mild Cognitive Impairment.

Involved personnel

A. De Salve | C. Distante | M. Leo | P. Carcagnì

National and International Collaborations

Active projects and contracts

PREdiction, PREvention, PREdisposition – (PRE-CUBE) – Linea di finanziamento P.O. FESR SICILIA 2014/2020