Quantum Magnetic Sensing and Brain Functional Imaging

Quantum Magnetic Sensing and Brain Functional Imaging

Description of the activity

The activity is mainly focused on the design, fabrication, and characterization of quantum devices for magnetic sensing and the relative applications requiring extremely high sensitivity such as biomedicine, Quantum computing, nano-magnetism, geophysics, magnetic microscopy, and basic physics. It is worth mentioning the development of SQUID based devices that, thanks to its energy sensitivity reaching the quantum limit, have allowed us to realize, in the framework of interdisciplinary project, a large multichannel system for functional brain imaging (magnetoencephalography) working in a clinical environment to study mainly neurodegenerative diseases. In the field of quantum technologies, the activity is devoted also to development of quantum devices containing a strong ferromagnetic material for the realization of quantum memories.
Moreover, in view of applications in agri-food industry the group deals with deposition and modeling of thin films on amorphous magnetic materials for the development of biosensors to be used for point-of-use applications in the agri-food industry for the detection of the presence of contaminants and harmful species in production chains.

Involved personnel

C. Granata | A. Vettoliere | R. Monaco | O. Talamo | G. Sorrentino | P. Sorrentino | F. Pisani

National and International Collaborations

  • University of Naples “Federico II”,
  • University of Naples “Parthenope”,
  • University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”,
  • Institute for diagnosis and treatment “Hermitage Capodimonte”,
  • National Metrology Institute (INRiM),
  • FLUXONICS – The European Foundry for Superconducting Electronics,
  • Promete SRL