Biophysics of excitable membranes

Biophysics of excitable membranes

Description of the activity

The activity is focused on studying, by means of patch-clamp recordings, the intrinsic electric properties of excitable membrane and of ion channels producing the transient potentials following acute/chronic treatment to various agents.
Excitable membranes of in vitro neuronal models are investigated for their sensitivity to pollutants, like as dioxin compounds. The goal is to look into the effects of these compounds on neuronal electrical activity and to start defining their possible neurotoxic role on the kinetic properties of the neuronal ion channels.

Involved personnel

S. Santillo


  • Cellular electrophysiology laboratory
    Laboratory Facilities:
    EPC7 patch-clamp amplificator, Digidata 1200, pClamp10, hydraulic micromanipulator, Inverted microscope Nikon, horizontal puller Sutter P-1000, TMC Air Table, TMC Faraday Cage
  • Cellular culture laboratory
    Laboratory Facilities:
    Biological Safety Cabinet, CO2 incubators, Centrifuge, Microscope, -80°C Ultra Low Temp Freezer