Semantic Multimedia and Cognitive Multimodal Systems

Semantic Multimedia and Cognitive Multimodal Systems

Description of the activity

The activities are focused on natural language processing, semantic multimedia and multimodal systems, text mining and knowledge extraction. In particular, we develop methods and techniques to extract semantic information from texts and, to realize multimodal interactive systems in particular in natural language. The main application domains are: Cognitive modelling for the fruition of Cultural Heritage; development of audio-visual by Semantic Multimedia Mashups; development of chat-bot and dialogue system for banking, infotainment, and for FAQ systems; detection and indexing of events in historical text and News; and Sentiment Analysis for products reviews. Also, attention is given to the architecture for the creation and distribution of provided services.

Involved personnel

A. Sorgente | M. de Gregorio | A. Calabrese | O. Talamo | G. Coda | P. Vanacore | F. Mele

National and International Collaborations

University of Naples Federico II (Dept of Physics)

Active projects and contracts

IDEHA – Innovation for Data Elaboration in Heritage Areas
TeMA – a service-based framework for Textual and Multimedia Analysis
Infocube to be signed