Security, Privacy and Trust

Security, Privacy and Trust

Description of the activity

The main research activity is devoted to the study and development of multi-disciplinary and cross-platform solutions for Security, Privacy, and Trust of the information in new complex environments, including Online Social Networks, virtual communities, media sharing sites, blogs, etc. Security and privacy of information in such complex environments are an ever increasing concern, especially when considering online social networking applications where the nature of information shared can expose the users to several vulnerabilities and risks. Indeed, if not properly protected, interactions and data shared in Online Social Networks can be exploited by malicious users to infer personal information or to perform harmful activities. The primary focus of our research is the design of secure access control mechanisms, trust management systems, and privacy-aware platforms, protocols and applications for Online Social Network.
Another important research activity within the field of Security, Privacy, and Trust concerns the study and the development of fully distributed and decentralized platforms, such as P2P systems and Distributed Ledger Technology, in order to help users regain control over their data. Indeed, decentralized properties provided by P2P systems and blockchain can mitigate the risk of privacy and security breaches by third parties, enabling the design of novel identity management platforms, protocols and applications based on Self Sovereign Identity principles.

Involved personnel

A. De Salve | G. Lupo

National and International Collaborations