Special Issue in Plants (MDPI)

Special Issue in Plants (MDPI)

Massimo Rippa is Guest Editor of the Special Issue in Plants (I.F. 4.5 – MDPI) titled ‘Application of Infrared Sensing and Thermal Imaging on Plants and Crops’.

Infrared and thermal imaging are well-known noninvasive and contactless techniques. They represent outstanding innovations applied in many fields that are becoming more popular in plant studies and agriculture.Among their many applications realized in both proximal and remote scales, they have been used on plants to evaluate physical and physiological characteristics as well as transpiration rates, heat capacity of leaves, local water content, water flow velocity, responses to UV interaction, monitor and predict infections, detect foreign substances in agriculture, estimate the crops’ stress level for irrigation scheduling, predict crop yields and detect the presence of diseases. Furthermore, this technique fits well with the precision agriculture management strategy, and they represent a reliable means of minimizing costs in field analysis.This Special Issue welcomes original articles, reviews, and short communications focusing on fundamental or applied research relating to the use of infrared and thermal imaging for the analysis and sensing of plant and crop systems. Contributions on passive or active approaches, realized in proximal or remote scales (e.g., with UAV systems), in laboratories or in fields, are welcome and suited for this Special Issue. We aim to cover spectral scales from NIR to LWIR also through multi- and hyperspectral infrared applications.

Keywords infrared imaging, thermography, active thermography, passive thermography, infrared sensing, plants, crops, remote sensing, proximal sensing, precision agriculture, multispectral imaging, hyperspectral imaging.

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2024