Special Issue in Discover Applied Science (Springer Nature Collection)

Special Issue in Discover Applied Science (Springer Nature Collection)

Massimo Rippa is Guest Editor of the Interdisciplinary Special Issue in Discover Applied Science (Springer Nature Collection) titled ‘Imaging and Spectrophotometric Techniques for Diagnostic and Sensing Applications’.

The use of imaging and spectrophotometric techniques is increasingly widespread, covering almost all fields of experimental research. This opens up dedicated research topics regarding their use and development that deserve to be shared with the scientific community. This interdisciplinary Topical Collection focuses on novel applications, methodologies and procedures of both imaging techniques covering the spectral range UV-Vis-IR (0.2 – 14 μm) and spectrophotometric analysis for characterization, diagnostic and sensing. This collection welcomes original articles and reviews focusing on applied research related to the use of these techniques at proximal or remote scales, in the laboratory or in situ. Multi- and hyper-spectral approaches as well as the combined complementary use of multiple imaging or spectrophotometric methods are welcome and suitable for this collection. Examples of application fields covered by this collection include but are not limited to: Cultural Heritage, Restauration studies, Agricultural studies, Food technology, Non-Destructive analysis and Biosensing.

Keywords: Imaging; Spectrophotometric analysis; Infrared and Thermal imaging; UV; Colorimetry; Raman; Shearography; 3D scanning and photogrammetry; multispectral and hyperspectral imaging.

Submission Deadline: 10 December 2024