Pyro-electrification for Biofilm Electrostatic Test (BET)

Pyro-electrification for Biofilm Electrostatic Test (BET)

Description of the activity

The research activity is based on an innovative technique developed in ISASI labs that we call pyro-electrification (PE). It uses the pyroelectric effect for inducing a permanent dipole into polymer sheets. An appropriate thermal treatment of the ferroelectric crystal generates the pyroelectric effect, and the resulting electric field is intense enough to induce a polarization into the polymer while going through the glass transition phase. We use this innovative electrode-free technique for developing a new biofilm electrostatic test (BET). The electrostatic interaction between micro-organisms and the BET sheet insures the viability of the cells and promotes a rapid formation of biofilm, thus significantly fastening the anti-microbic tests. Analogously, by using the opposite face of the polymer sheet, we are able to promote a repulsive interaction with the micro-organism, thus achieving a bacteriostatic effect.

Involved personnel

S. Grilli | M. Mugnano | V. Vespini | S. Coppola | V. Tkachenko | P. Ferraro

National and International Collaborations

University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”; CNR-ISA


Facilities: Lab. Preparazione campioni biologici/ Lab. Caratterizzazione Campioni/ LAB BioLab
Digital Hotplate; optical microscope objectives; standard optical microscope; biohazard hood.