Reduced Graphene Oxide on  Silicon-based structure for broadband photodetection device

Reduced Graphene Oxide on Silicon-based structure for broadband photodetection device

Description of the activity

The photodetectors are of great interest in several technological applications thanks their capability to convert an optical signal into electrical signal through the light-matter interactions. In particular, broadband photodetectors are used in multiple applications such as environmental monitoring, imaging, fire detection, astronomical observations.
We study the optical and electronic characteristics of light sensors for several applications in a broadband spectrum range starting from the UV to the infra-red-light radiation. The aim of this activity consists in designing and characterizing photodetectors able to work in broadband-spectrum range and showing high responsivity and compatibility with conventional silicon technology. Actually, the photodetectors developed in this research are based on heterojunctions made of: Graphene Oxides/Silicon, Graphene/Silicon and the Carbon nano tube/Silicon.
Responsivity comparison of broad-spectrum range device. The responsivity of the photodevice obtained using the Graphene oxides on Silicon substrate is reported.

Involved personnel

M. Valentino | B. Ruggiero | A. Vettoliere | I. Rendina | C. BonavolontĂ  | P. Silvestrini

National and International Collaborations

National and International Collaborations:
Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)
University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli “ (Dept of Mathematics and Physics)


Dark box, dc lasers source in a broadband spectrum range, acquisition data system

Active projects and contracts

ISASI CNR Research Activity DFM.AD001.276 (Resp. Massimo Valentino)
INFN-CNR Cooperation agreement 2021-23 (Resp. Berardo Ruggiero)
CNR-DMF Cooperation agreement 2021-23 (Resp. Berardo Ruggiero)